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Spirit of Indigenous People Festival - June 24, 2017 at Seattle Center!


Spirit of Indigenous People Festival

Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Seattle Center

11 am to 5 pm

The 2017 Spirit of Indigenous People Festival is scheduled for Saturday, June 24th at the Seattle Center.  This festival is a collaborative effort of the many Native community groups in the greater Seattle area, bringing together a showcase of the culture and tradition of American Indians and Alaska Natives!

SpiritWalk - Walk for Native Health kicks off our annual Spirit of Indigenous Peoples Festival. It's a fun community walk to raise funds to support the health and well-being of American Indians and Alaska Natives. Between 8:30-11:30 am individuals and groups walk from Seattle Center to Myrtle Edwards Park at the Seattle waterfront (and return). This is a celebration of community members and groups who have supported the Seattle Indian Health Board through donations. For more info about SpiritWalk see our SpiritWalk webpage.

Scheduled Performances

Mural Amphitheater Stage:

10:00 am  -  Muckleshoot Tribe Dance Group

12:00 pm  -  Youth games and activities for ages 12 and under (on the lawn area)

1:00 to 5:00 pm  -  Pow Wow

Armory Building Stage:

11:00 am  -  Randy Kimball, Native Guitar & Songwriter

11:50 am  -  Kuteeyah Alaska Native Dance Group

12:40 pm  -  Peter Ali, Native

1:20 pm  -  Haida Laas Dance Group

2:10 pm  -  Paul Che Okten Wagner

2:50 pm  -  Jessica Dominy, Tlingit Storyteller

3:25 pm  -  Na'akw Dance Group

4:15 pm  -  Haan Dei Ijin Alaska Native Dance

11:00 am to 5:00 pm  - Native Art Mart & Gallery on the Armory Building main floor

11:00 am to 2:00 pm  -  Indigenous Film Showcase in the Armory Building loft:

           "Good Meat" - Follows the struggles of an Oglala Lakota man to maintain a traditional Native diet on the reservation in an attempt to improve his health.

           "Walking into the Unknown" - Traces the journey of a middle-aged American Indian man through the health care system as he gains a deeper understanding of himself and the health risks he faces as a Native man.

            "Navajo Math Circles" - A documentary revealing the educational challenges of the Navajo Nation that looks at a new approach for improving the math skills of reservation students.


We invite Native food vendors and arts & crafts vendors to join us!  The Seattle Indian Health Board does not charge a fee for vendors, but  Seattle Center will require a fee of 10% of all sales to be collected at the end of the day.  However large or small your display, please be a part of this amazing event!  Download a Vendor Application Form here. For more information, contact Debbie Nerocker, Event Coordinator, at (206) 324-9360 or by email at

Pow Wow

A traditional Pow Wow will take place at the Mural Amphitheatre stage and surrounding grounds in the afternoon, beginning with a grand entry at 1:00pm and including a host drum and pow wow exhibition dances.  Everyone is invited and welcome to join - intertribals, tiny tots, and social dances.  This is a rare opportunity for the general public and visitors of the Seattle Center to experience a glimpse of the Native Pow Wow outside tribal settings.  For information, please contact Annette Squetimkin-Anquoe, Pow Wow Coordinator, by emailing or by calling the Seattle Indian Health Board at (206) 324-9360.

Native Art Mart

The Native Art Mart is a unique element of the festival, a dynamic and diverse display of the artistry of Natives in all forms - painted, carved, sculpted and designed.  As part of the Art Mart, artists can both display and sell their work, as well as enter their pieces in the Art Mart contest.  For security, the Art Mart and all artist designs are displayed in the Armory Building.  To participate in the Native Art Mart, download an Art Mart Inquiry Form from this page.

Native Performers & Dance Groups

The Spirit of Indigenous People festival is an excellent platform to showcase the amazing diversity of both traditional and contemporary Native performers.  From flutists to storytellers to singers to dancers - we invite you or your group to share your talents with our visitors!  Performances are scheduled throughout the day on both the Armory Building and Mural Amphitheatre main stages.  Download a Performer Application Form here so we may contact you.

Canoe Family Exhibit

The beauty and cultural richness of the Native Canoe Journey is shared at the festival's Canoe Family Exhibit.  Families and groups who have participated in canoe journeys are invited to display their histories, documentaries, and canoes!  For many of the general public visitors to the Seattle Center grounds, this will be the only opportunity for them to witness the amazing stories of our Canoe Family journeys and history!  Please email LaVerne Wise at for more information.

Thank you to our primary Corporate Sponsors of this event for their generous support!

Save the Date for Next Year
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