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Family Medicine Residency Staff

Hailey Wilson, MD - 3rd Year Resident

Education:  Bachelor of Science, Boise State University; Doctor of Medicine, University of Washington.
Philosophy of Care:  I believe the best medical care comes from teamwork, especially between patient and provider. A good doctor-patient relationship should be built on trust, mutual under-standing and respect. I feel the health of the community greatly impacts the health of the individual.
Specific Medical Interests:  Rural medicine, Sports Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Woman’s Health, Integrative Medicine, Traditional Indian Medicine.
Personal Interests:  Playing sports, BSU Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, movies, music, traveling and spending time with family and friends.
Date joined SIHB:  2014

Brett Bell, MD, MPH - 3rd Year Resident

Education:  Doctor of Medicine, University of Washington.
Philosophy of Care:  I enjoy getting to know patients as people and families first, patients second. I believe in partnering with patients to help them identify and reach their own health and health care goals. I hope to work with patients to use diet and exercise to prevent chronic illnesses.
Specific Medical Interests:  Women’s Health Care & Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Sports Medicine, Office Procedures.
Personal Interests:  Running.
Date joined SIHB:  2014

Mikaela Alger, MD - 2nd Year Resident

Education:  Doctor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh.
Philosophy of Care:
Specific Medical Interests:  Global Health, Urban Underserved, Addition Medicine, Obstetrics, Interplay Between Social & Justice Medicine.
Personal Interests: 
Date joined SIHB:  2015

Collette Harris, MD - 2nd Year Resident

Education:  Master of Science, Columbia University; Institute of Human Nature, Doctor of Medicine, Howard University.
Philosophy of Care:  I hope to dedicate my career to food justice and fighting environmental racism.
Specific Medical Interests: 
Personal Interests:  Spending time with family and friends, watching horror films and crime documentaries, and thrift shopping.
Date joined SIHB:  2016

Candace Watts, MD - 1st Year Resident

Education:  Bachelor of Science, Hampton University Nursing School; Doctor of Medicine, University of New Mexico School of Medicine.
Philosophy of Care:  I view good health as living in balance with the spiritual self, physical self, emotional self and the environment. I am honored to support my patients, their families and the communities I serve on the path to living in harmony.
Special Medical Interests:  American Indian and Alaska Native Health, Elder Care, LGTBQ Care, Integrative Medicine, Addiction/Recovery Medicine, Comprehensive Women's Health, Preventative Medicine.
Personal Interests: 
Date joined SIHB:  2016

Amy Chabitnoy, MD - 1st Year Resident

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Franklin & Marshall College; Doctor of Medicine, Dartmouth College.
Philosophy of Care:  I believe health care is a fundamental human right and that the best health care treats the body, the individual and the soul. Each patient has a story. I look forward to getting to know my patients better and learning from them, and to the opportunity to be a part of this community and to contribute to its health care. I promise to work hard for my patients and with them in a partnership based on respect.
Specific Medical Interests:  Rural Health, Community Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Obstetrics, Women’s Health.
Personal Interests:  Playing soccer or basketball, watching football (go Steelers!), hiking, mountain biking and baking.
Date joined SIHB:  2016