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Family Medicine Residency Staff

David Sapienza, M.D. - 3rd Year Resident

  Boston University , BA; University of Massachusetts Medical School, MD, Worcester, MA.
Philosophy of Care:  I am committed to providing comprehensive primary care medicine that is tailored to each individual's unique needs, belief systems, and life circumstances.  I believe all people deserve equal access to high quality healthcare.
Specific Interests:  Integrative medicine, reproductive health, addiction medicine and rural medicine.
Personal Interests:  Vegan cooking, hiking, jogging, biking, camping and music.
Date joined SIHB:  2012

Jessica Karp, M.D.- 3rd Year Resident

  University of Pennsylvania BA, Philadelphia, PS; Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, MD, Bronx, NY.
Philosophy of Care:  I believe doctors should be community healers:  people who have a sense of loving wonderment for the human body and condition, who help patients understand the potential for health, and who provide support in living healthy lives.  I will provide culturally sensitive, patient, and family-centered healthcare.
Specific Medical Interest:  Women's health, children and family health, social justice and under-served populations, global health, preventative medicine, integrative and traditional medicine, long-term family medical care.
Personal Interests:  Yoga and yoga retreats; tennis (especially with my dad); traveling to foreign places and getting to know the people and the land; spending time with family and friends; swimming, hiking, and camping; gardening; reading; vegetarian cooking; karate; the ocean, lake or any body of water; watching sunsets; team-building activities and singing camp songs.
Date joined SIHB:  2012

Matthew Graf, M.D. - 2nd Year Resident

  McGill University, B.S.; University of Vermont, MI.
Philosophy of Care: I believe in building lasting relationships with patients to provide more comprehensive and personalized care that respects our diverse backgrounds.
Specific Interests:  Procedures, international medicine, rural medicine, pediatrics, sports medicine.
Personal Interests:  Getting outside (hiking, biking, jogging, skiing and fishing), cooking, spending time with my wife and pets.
Date joined SIHB:  2013

Socia Love, M.D. - 2nd Year Resident

Education:  MD 2013, University of Minnesota-Duluth School of Medicine, MN; BA Microbiology 2008, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.
Philosophy of Care:  Reducing health disparities through empowerment of individuals and communities with a focus on healing the mind, body, spirit, and community.
Specific Interests:  American Indian and Alaska Native populations, women's health and obstetrics, integrative healing approaches, and in-office procedures.
Personal Interests:  Exploring the Northwest with my husband and two dogs, Jackson and Sabra; dancing traditional southern buckskin at pow wows; making beadwork; traveling; swimming; biking; snowboarding; going to concerts and movies; OU Sooner football and the OKC Thunder.
Date joined SIHB:  2012

Hailey Wilson, M.D. - 1st Year Resident

  Master of Science - Boise State University, 2009 Doctor of Medicine - University of Washington 2014.
Philosophy of Care:  I believe the best medical care comes from team work, especially between the patient and provider.  A good doctor-patient relationship should be built on trust and mutual understanding and respect.  I also feel that the health of the community greatly impacts the health of the individual, and I am committed to working toward promoting healthier communities.
Special Medical Interests:  Rural medicine, sports medicine, women's health, integrative medicine, and traditional Indian medicine.
Personal Interests:  Playing sports, BSU Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, movies, music, traveling, spending time with family and friends.
Date joined SIHB:  2014

Brett Bell, M.D. - 1st Year Resident

Doctor of Medicine, University of Washington
Philosophy of Care:  I love getting to know patients as people and families first, patients second.  I believe in partnering with patients to help them identify and reach their own goals around health and health care.  I hope to work with patients to use diet and exercise to prevent chronic illnesses.
Specific Interests:  Women's health care and obstetrics, pediatrics, sports medicine, office procedures.
Personal Interests:  Running
Date joined SIHB:  2014