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Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

The Seattle Indian Health Board envisions a time when all Indian people have healthy and successful lives.

Our Mission

The mission of the Seattle Indian Health Board is to advocate for, provide, and ensure culturally appropriate, high quality, and accessible health and human services to American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Our Values
  • Natives First - American Indian/Alaska Native people are our primary reason to exist and therefore are our highest priority.
  • Health - For SIHB, being healthy means that mental, social, spiritual and physical wellness are in balance.
  • Diversity/Respect - Commitment to diversity and respectful treatment of all.
  • Leadership - Building leaders and providing leadership in urban Indian health.
  • Quality - Commitment to the delivery of the highest quality of service and level of expertise.
  • Social Justice - Belief in our efforts as a just and necessary response to the history of Native peoples in this country.
  • Empowerment - Empowers Native people to fully participate in defining and solving community problems.
  • Traditional Medicine and Practices - Commitment to culturally appropriate choices for health care.
  • Humor and Celebration - Understanding that the roles of humor and celebration are intrinsic aspects of health AI/AN lives.
  • Advocacy - Advocates for Native people.

Our Logo

The Seattle Indian Health Board logo symbolizes the union of the people in good health. The circle represents continuous life. The red inner center circle reflects the spirit of the people. The triangle, dots, and poles represent a stylized medicine house where health rituals and healing ceremonies are practiced.  The SIHB logo was designed by Lawney Reyes (Colville).