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Diabetes Program


You already know what your doctor has to say. For years you’ve been told about how exercise and the right diet can help. But changing your lifestyle isn’t always easy. Our diabetes program is here to help you live healthy with diabetes. The diabetes program is open to all adult SIHB patients living with diabetes.

Services available include: 

  • Education and support to meet your goals - Through one-on-one support our clinical staff will evaluate your risks for a heart attack or stroke and work with you in reaching your heart health goals.
  • Support to “navigate the clinic” - Diabetes program staff can assist you with your prescriptions, scheduling appointments and transportation to your appointments. 
  • Menu planning assistance
  • Native community support - Meet other people with diabetes. Opportunities exist at support groups, fitness class and group activities. 
  • Eye exams
  • Foot checks
  • Traditional Indian medicine referrals

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