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Native Artists Exhibit & Art Market

Apr. 23, 2015

On Saturday, May 30, 2015 at the Seattle Center, the Seattle Indian Health Board will host the Spirit of Indigenous People Festival, a celebration of Native culture & tradition.  In addition to Native performers, music, food, and arts & crafts vendors, the festival will include a Native Art Market for artists to display and sell their creations.  Prizes will be awarded to the exemplary pieces in various categories selected by a jury of Native community members.  This is an invitation for American Indian and Alaska Native artists to apply for the Art Market.

Each artist will be provided a 3’ x 8’ table free of charge in the artist’s market area on the main floor of the Seattle Center Amory Building (food court).  We anticipate hundreds of visitors to the Seattle Center that day, so it will be a high-traffic event.  Each artist can enter up to two (2) display-ready art pieces for the art show. Artists may submit one art piece for display in the show if they chose not to have a table space.  We will also have an area designated for vendors to sell their wares. We want to differentiate between an artist who creates their own work and a vendor who might be selling other peoples work or work they didn’t produce directly themselves. We understand that for Native people, the difference between art and craft can be slight or may overlap.  So if questions arise, we will deal with them case-by-case.

To participate in the Art Market, click here to download an application form. 

For more information, contact Debbie Nerocker at