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Seattle Indian Health Board launches new ad campaign

Sep. 19, 2016


The Seattle Indian Health Board (SIHB) today launched an online advertising campaign aimed at attracting more urban Indian patients to its clinic located in the International District. (See more graphics at end of article).

“The Seattle Indian Health Board plays an important role in helping Native people live healthier lives,” said Esther Lucero, CEO of the Seattle Indian Health Board. “Our staff, from our doctors to our administrative staff, create a warm and inviting place where patients feel comfortable.” 

Sixty-four percent of the almost 6,000 patients seen by SIHB each year are Native American. But the clinic serves everyone regardless of race or income. The ad campaign targets Native patients in an effort to bring more people into SIHB’s clinic, particularly for the Diabetes Program. 

“Diabetes is prevalent in our Indian communities,” said Judy Tomassene, director of the diabetes program. “We know that if we see more patients as a whole, we will be able to provide care and intervention options for more people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.”

In concert with SIHB’s social media efforts, the ad campaign is designed to reach potential new patients. According to staff, the current success of the clinic is due in large part to referrals from friends or family. 

“Our patients are our ambassadors and one of the primary ways people learn of our clinic,” said Lucero. “We hope this ad campaign will build upon that word-of-mouth referral to educate more people about the quality healthcare options here at the Seattle Indian Health Board.” 

SIHB offers a broad range of services, from medical and dental to mental health, chemical dependency, WIC, and traditional medicine. 

“This really is a place where urban Indians can come and feel like they are in a familiar place,” said Lucero. “It is so much more than a clinic; it’s somewhere where Native people receive care from Native staff in a setting where everyone shares a common culture. It’s a privilege for us to provide these services to Seattle’s Indian community.”


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SIHB’s online advertising campaign will run for four weeks, across multiple online sites targeting Native populations, diabetes patients and residents in King County. It is funded through a grant from the Indian Health Service's Special Diabetes Program for Indians.