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Family Residency - Community Involvement

Community Involvement

SIHB residents have unique teaching, training and mentorship opportunities within the American Indian, Alaska Native and broader Puget Sound communities. Opportunities include:

  • Participation in the University of Washington Summer Minority medical education mentorship program for pre-medical minorities.
  • Clerkships in urban Indian health or traditional medicine for medical students.
  • Mentorship of high school and college students interested in working with Native populations.
  • A relationship with the Native American Center of Excellence at the University of Washington.
Cultural competency and proficiency training in the care of American Indians. This includes a monthly "culture night" during which residents and faculty meet for a potluck dinner and learn about Native culture and tradition to enable a richer understanding of the diverse populations we serve.

A community medicine project which involves the study, research and exploration of a community-based intervention. Participation in community activism around issues pertinent to the research topics is also encouraged.
For more information, email Jami Ishmael, Workforce Coordinator,