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Indigenous Peoples Week

Indigenous Peoples Week (formerly American Indian Week)

October 5-9, 2015

The SIHB hosts a schedule of activities during Indigenous Peoples Week (formerly celebrated as American Indian Week) in recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day, which replaces Columbus Day, on Monday, October 12th. This year, we celebrate American Indian Week from

Each day of Indigenous Peoples Week we celebrate different aspects of our community:

Monday, 10/5 - Native Elders Day

  • 10am - Blessing by Elder Fred Lauth
  • 11am - Welcome & Opening by Chris Steans, SIHB Interim Board President
  • 1pm - Jennie Brower, Elder
  • 2pm- Elder Stories, Elders Program

Tuesday, 10/6 - Native Youth Day

  • 11am - Alexis Merculief & Mathletes
  • 1pm - Native Videos by Dallas & Shanoa Pinkham
  • 2pm - Native Youth with Mary Wilber

Wednesday, 10/7 - Intertribal Day

  • 10am - Children are our Future by Circles of Care
  • 11am - Louie Gong, Native Artist (invited)

Thursday, 10/8 - Washington State Tribes Day

  • 10am - Storytelling with Jessica Dominy
  • 11am - Glen Pinkham (invited)

Friday, 10/9 - American Indian/Alaska Native Crafts Day

Native crafts display tables & demonstrations:  Dreamcatchers (Kit Phillips), Samantha Sams, Robert Upham, Sharon Lauth, Janis Givan, United Indians of All Tribes Foundation (Pam Nason), Traditional Foods & Plant Medicines (Annette Anquoe)

Please continue to visit this page for a list of scheduled Indigenous Peoples Week events and performances.

We invite participation from patients and our community. If you are interested in joining our celebration through your performance talents, or if you would like to host a Native arts & crafts table to sell your products, please contact Debbie Nerocker, email Thank you!